Monday, November 24, 2008

Patty's Kitchen

My good friend Patty has a new recipe blog. If you are looking for time-tested favorites, you can't go wrong with Patty's recipes. When David's mom was in the hospital for the last time, Patty promised her that she'd take care of her boy. Not only has she kept that promise, but she's extended it to include me. Patty and her husband Jim are kind enough to invite us for dinner often. Patty's kitchen is a lot like mine - very small and hardly room for two - but the most amazing things come out of that kitchen. The first time I went to their house with David, I was a nervous wreck. What should I wear? Will I know what fork to use? I was so relieved to arrive and find that Patty doesn't wear shoes unless she just has to and that she serves things like fried potatoes.

Check out her blog here: She's just getting started, so bookmark it and come back often.

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