Monday, August 12, 2013

Silver Dollar Skillet

This is for you! :)

Silver Dollar Skillet at our house gets its name from Silver Dollar City's calico potatoes and other similar skillet dishes.

Potatoes - 3-4 medium red or gold potatoes
Carrots - 3-4 large carrots
Onion - 1
Frozen corn - half a bag
Polish Kielbasa - 12 oz
Whatever other veggies you might like
2 T canola oil
Seasoned salt

Brown the sausage in the pan then remove it.  Wipe out the skillet if you'd like to get some of the sausage fat out of your meal.  Add the 2 T oil and heat.  Throw in the vegetables and a liberal sprinkling of season salt.  Every 3-4 minutes, uncover, stir it around and add a little more seasoning if you like.  Continue until all the vegetables are beginning to soften.  Leave the lid off to brown everything toward the end and add the sausage back in.  Delicious!

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